Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion 8 oz. $20

I’ve only known apartment living for most of my adult life and while being sandwiched between neighbors has its advantages, the toll that radiant heating has on my skin in the winter is not one of them. Every year it gets worse, as I get older, and this year I added ‘itchy, flaky scalp’ to the growing list of beauty woes. I wash my hair about 4 times per week, which is probably 2-3 more times than I should, but I just can’t forgo a good shower after a spin class or interval run at the gym.

I’ve used the Target dupe of Neutrogena’s T-Gel shampoo for years to keep my scalp clean and nourished, but it’s too drying to use regularly. So when I read about this B&B Tonic Lotion in a magazine, I was immediately intrigued, since the main ingredient is tea tree oil, which I suspected would be perfect for my scalp.

B&B sells this product as a post-shower treatment, to nourish, detangle, and prep hair for other products before styling. It can even be used as a leave-in conditioner. For me, it’s all wrong on dry hair…turning it greasy and flat. Where it shines is on soaking wet hair. After I towel dry, I spray this fairly liberally close to my root, lifting my hair all around as I do, and follow with a gentle comb-through using a wide-tooth comb.

It tingles and feels invigorating, but the best part is that it really helps control the itchiness and flaking! My hair seems to take other products better as well – especially when I heat style. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s still very full, telling me one bottle should last quite some time. I don’t love a lot of B&B hair products, but this is definitely one that will have a permanent place in the bathroom!